Pixie "Faith" Flames is an 18 year old girl from

Pixie or fate

Ottowa. She is forced to be independent and hardworking since she grew up with no one. She may seem grouchy and grumpy, but she's a really sweet and kind girl when she lets her walls down. Pixie really enjoys humor and comedy and LIVES for pulling pranks on people.

Pixie has endured a really tough life as a kid. Her mother and father both died in a fire incident when she was really young. She was sent to a foster care but ran away because she couldn't stand the thought of someone else taking the place of her parents. She fended for herself on the streets and soon met a sweet and kind guy who helped and provided for her. They fell in love and they both live in his car since they can't afford a decent house to live in. He taught her all plenty of things such as making clothes from simple garbage.

Pixie practices Buddhism.

Pixie wants to be on Girls Got Game to prove to people that poor girls can do things too. She also wants the money so she can be able to support her and her boyfriend and buy themselves a nice house and possibly get married.

Does Pixie has game?