The first episode of Girls Got Game starts off with the girls seeing the house for the first time. The first two girls seen are Pixie and Sam. We get a first-hand experience of Pixie's impatientness and Sam's annoyance towards it. Then we meet Darla and Vivian, who are already becoming friends. Vivian introduces herself short and to the point, but Darla goes all out and tells her life story, which frankly slightly frightens Vivian.

Next, Malibu arrives. In confessionals we see Katy, Crash and Tanyra. This is our first look at Crash crushing on Malibu. Tanyra rants about Malibu's "extra" entrance and complains about everything Malibu has to offer.

Finally, Sydney arrives. Pixie makes a comment, and Sydney backfires. Then she takes all the girls on a tour. At the end of the tour we see Shiloh and Karalyn. Karalyn complains about her aching arms because Sydney made her carry her bags throughout the whole tour. The two start a conversation and become friends.

The scene changes to Katy and Malibu. Katy says hi, but Malibu brushes her off. "Excuse me, but can you not see me putting on my lip gloss?" Then Katy tells Malibu she thought her bags were cute. Anyone else smell an alliance? Yup. Malibu reveals that she's just going to use Katy.

We see another Darla fangirl moment, as Chantal looks at her awkwardly. Then Sydney screams into the intercom... First Challenge! We see Santana for the first time, pumped about the challenge.

The girls have to climb up an 80 foot cliff and then get a bumper car, which they have to ride to the finish. Sydney reveals it is a sudden death challenge, and all the girls step up their game. Our first glimpse of Eddis is her being a cowardly lion about sudden death. Then we see Sophia, who is angered at Sydney. "I wish I could give the host a sudden death.." Santana takes back her 'pumped for the challenge' ego and Malibu gets extremely angry with Sydney. This ends part one.

When we reopen with part two, we see Crash who is extremely confident about the challenge. All the girls leave on the race up the cliffside, and Karalyn falls. Guess holding all those bags wasn't such a good idea, was it? The first girl up to the top is Shiloh, who apparently comes from a family of rock climbers. She then is the first to cross the finish line, even though she notices how slippery the ice is.

Tanyra and Malibu are fighting over which bumpercar to take, which is actually quit stupid. It's a race, girls. Just find the first bumpercar you can and go! Tanyra then just takes the bumpercar, ignoring Malibu, and Malibu jumps onto the back. She is dragged over the finish line. The next one to cross is Eddis. Then Sam, followed by Darla and Pixie. Vivian would've been after Eddis, but her bumpercar ran out of gas, making her follow Pixie.

On the other side of the ice, Crash finds Malibu's bracelet, and instead of paying attention to the challenge, looks at it. Looks like Darla and Vivian aren't the only fangirls, huh? Crash then crosses the finish line on foot. Then we get to see Katy rant for 5 whole minutes about Malibu leaving her. Honey, you just need to understand that she's using you.

Following Crash is Chantal. Then Santana, Sophia and Katy. The final 2 that haven't crossed the line are Karalyn and Cylia. Oddly enough, this is the first glimpse we see of Cylia's face. After battling it out, Karalyn crosses the line first by barely anything at all! Cylia is a bit upset. Who can blame her? She didn't even get screen time and she was eliminated.

Sydney then reveals that the tanks did in fact have different gas levels, which Malibu had just told us in her confessional. Maybe she does know what she's doing afterall. Then she reveals that Shiloh and Tanyra win a prize! This, obviously, angers Malibu because she was in the same bumpercar as Tanyra. Well, on it. The prize is revealed to be the chance to pick teams! Part two then ends..

Part three! Tanyra chooses Malibu, causing a bit of a riot. Everyone knows the two hate each other. Eddis speaks up, but then stops herself because Malibu glares at her. There's a bit of an awkward silence. Then we see Tanyra in a confessional, and she reveals to us why she chose Malibu. Of course, Shiloh then picks her friend Karalyn first. Tanyra chooses Sam. Then Shiloh chooses Crash. Darla, Pixie, Vivian, Katy. Chantal, Santana, Sophia.. and Shiloh is stuck with Eddis. Tanyra names her team the Queen Bees, and Shiloh names hers Girl Power.

While Darla invents Team Derrick, Sydney informs the girls on their comment boards where they can write how they feel for the next challenge. Darla and Vivian are friends, but they annoy Sophia to every fiber of her being.

Then we learn Chantal has a dark side.. Guess she isn't that innocent after all!

End of Episode One.