Hair Color:

Blonde with Purple

Eye Color:


Friends / Allies:


Disliked / Enemies:


Darla "Dar-Dar" Jones is not your typical girl. In fact, she's about the complete opposite. Everyone has things that they like and are a fan of, but Darla is Derrick's number one fan. If it has anything to do with Derrick, she has it. She's 18 years old and from Austin, Texas. She is a pro-gay girl.

Darla's favorite color is purple, just like Derrick. She doesn't really believe in God, but if someone else does she won't hold it against them. Even though she's pro-gay, she's a single, straight girl.

To sum her personality up, Darla is usually a happy fangirl, but if you make her mad, she will be a bitch.

Darla joined the show because at her job, a few guys made stupid comments about how girls shouldn't be working at a car place. She just wants to proove to everyone that you can work anywhere you want, male or female. "Girls can do everything guys can do.. and more!"

Can she stay true to her words?