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Chantal is 17 years old from Los Angeles. She may look like it, but she's no blonde airhead. Don't make any wrong assumptions about her, because she'll make you regret it. She's already beautiful and rich, so all she needs is famous. She's also smart, getting the best grades in her class, prooving you don't have to be a nerd to be smart. Her favorite color is purple-but just not any purple. It has to be the perfect combination of purple and pink. She would normally be wearing clothes with a lot more fashion, but there was no shirt in the right color at the mall and why would you ever want to wear something that's not the right color and try to look fashionable?

Chantal is the girl that you don't want to get on your bad side. She knows this isn't a game for making friends. If she lets you in, she may just spit you back out with lots of bruises and bitemarks. She may look soft and sweet on the exterior, but she knows how the play the game, and she'll play you if you're not careful.

Does she have game?